Monday, April 8, 2013

Kokora Valley

Сoсora Valley in Colombia is part of a large national park Los Nevados. Here, a large number of wax palms grow tall. Wax palm tree itself is not something uncommon in South America. But here, it reaches a height of 60-80 meters.

Cocora valley is located in the heart of the Andes. Earlier, when there is no electricity, resin trees used by local farmers for making candles. From this, it seems, gave the name of "wax" palms.

As everywhere in the mountains, there are a lot of clouds and weather changes frequently. The clouds that cover like a blanket, the mountain peaks are quickly replaced by the sun. From these changes is particularly beautiful valley.

In the valley are found a large number of of hummingbirds. Them there are 5 different species.

Permeate the valley, mountain river and streams with small waterfalls.