Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Peru and Costa Rica Advance Gastronomic Tourism

2 Latin America countries at once have expressed the desire to attract the attention of travellers to their gastronomic heritage. In particular, recently the minister of tourism of Costa Rica, Allan Flores submitted a plan to promote national cuisine as tourist attractions.

Costa Rican cuisine is based on a mixture of Spanish and Indian cuisines: the beans, rice and meat, plus a lot of herbs, vegetables and spices. Preparing all of the unique local recipes. The project put forward by businessmen and government officials, aims to promote cooking Costa Rican cuisine in the hotels and restaurants. This program will enhance the preservation of traditions of the country, believe in the Ministry.

In addition, the President of Peru, Ollanta Humala in his recent speech at the UN General Assembly declared its intention to apply to UNESCO to make a national cuisine in Peru World Heritage List.

Submitted to UNESCO documents indicate the existence of ethnic cuisine in pre-Incan period. In addition, the application shows the inextricable link between the living cuisine and contemporary culture of the country, which is manifested in the daily activities of thousands of people of various professions in Peru. According to the President, Peruvian cuisine is the joint creative work of all its citizens, where every Peruvian can contribute.