Friday, October 28, 2011

Ecuador Offers Tours To Famous Cemetery

Cemetery in the Ecuadorian city Guayaquil will be a touristic destination. Over an area of ​​15 hectares over the past 170 years was buried about 700 thousand people, many of which left a significant mark in the history of the country. A third burial due to the high artistic level of gravestones declared a national cultural heritage.

Streets and staircases of the cemetery resemble a museum: sculptures and statues, the whole arrangement of white marble, not inferior to the level of performance in the best collections of museums in Europe. Artistic compositions cemetery features a variety of architectural styles - Greco-Roman, Neo-Classical, Baroque and Moorish. The age of some monuments exceeds 200 years.

Tourists already come to look at these sites. Now, the sculptures are systematised in 4 thematic routes, which can be taken from 28 October. The total duration of excursions is about 1.5 hours.

So to pay tribute to the heroes of the country and the presidents of Ecuador it is possible in the route "Entre la grandeza y la huella eterna". Tour under the name "Tras las sombras del ultimo verso" will be held at the resting place of the arts, culture and music. By selecting "Memoria y el vuelo de los angeles", visitors will see the best sculptures cemetery, and the latest version of excursions includes the graves of other famous people of the city and country.

The heart of the southern coast, the port of Guayaquil - the biggest city and economic center of Ecuador, the country's major export gateway. It is located approximately 250 kilometers south-west of the capital, on the Guayas river.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A few reasons to visit Colombia

Colombia is famous for its rich cultural heritage, fantastic scenery and stunning kitchen. Firstly Columbia will attract lovers of active tourism. There are plenty of opportunities to see many new things and do not lose shape - from sailing and kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling and rock climbing to horseback riding through the Andes.

Nature lovers, scientists and students on vacation are interested in the Amazon river. Rain forests, growing along the longest river in the world, Colombia shares with Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. Enjoy the local flora and fauna of the jungle can be, going on one of the routes offered by guides and travel agents.

Biodiversity of Colombia is amazing. Local nature is the world's largest "collection" of amphibians, butterflies and flowers. The country also ranks second in the world in the number of birds - 1865 species. In the period from June to November it becomes home to hundreds of birds, whales, sea turtles, courtship and would suit just rest after the long migration to coastal waters.

Colombia's geographical position allows tourists to visit the coast of Two Oceans and Caribbean Sea. On the Pacific coast can be seen secluded beaches, which rises jungle. At that time, both on the Caribbean coast of tourists are attracted first-class resorts with plenty of shops and restaurants.

Colombian 'Coffee Triangle', recently entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. It produces the best coffee in the world that attracts fans to the region of the drink from around the world.

Colombia - one of the best places on earth for diving. Marine Reserve Seaflower Biopsphere around the island of Providencia is the third largest coral reef park in the world. In Colombia, 37 national parks and 12 nature reserves - total 11 million hectares of beautiful scenery.

Local cities can also be very interesting. Cosmopolitan Cartagena, a modern Bogota, dynamic Cali and progressive Medellin - each of them can offer visitors something new and unique. Night life in Colombia is very dynamic and diverse. In Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena, the party lasts all night. Recognized favorite among tourists are African and Jamaican disco on the beaches of San Andres.

Colombians are very fond of holidays, so the country hosts many fairs and festivals as tourist attraction. One should visit the colourful carnival of Barranquilla in February and Flower Fair in MedellĂ­n in August.

Local gastronomy - is a mix of culinary traditions from Africa, India, Spain and the Arab countries. In every region of Colombia - has its own kitchen, which is closely related to agriculture. On the Caribbean coast is prevalent the abundant seafood and cook fish. In the Andes - meat, potatoes, beans and corn. Pacific Coast - rice and lentils. On the banks of the Orinoco River are popular veal, cassava and river fish.

A wonderful climate allows athletes and golfers to play Columbia throughout the year. Country offers tourists around 50 certified golf fields.

Local residents is the another reason to visit Colombia. They are renowned for their friendly attitude towards guests and are always ready to help. This republic - is also a very romantic country. It is perfect love, or people who dream of love. In recent years it has increasingly become a popular destination for those who want to spend a romantic wedding or honeymoon.

Finally, the Kali is known informally as "the world capital of salsa". The local authentic salsa dancing nightclubs from dusk to dawn. Do not begrudge those who are good moves, and stand aside - here are willing to teach anyone who wants to dance.