Monday, September 3, 2012

The largest city in the Southern hemisphere.

On the square in front of the Cathedral Se

University Law School

On the streets of Sao Paulo

in the park

Central Avenue of the city - Avenida Paulista

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cusco, Peru

The city of Cusco is located in a valley at an altitude of 3500 meters before coming of the Spaniards, there was the capital of the Incas in the city had many temples, later destroyed by the Spaniards. At the site of the largest Catholic churches were built ...

This preserved foundation of the former Temple of the Sun - the main temple of the city. On the field in front of him, according to the Spaniards, was a garden of golden trees in full size ... Now on this spot a Catholic cathedral.

It used to be that, apart from the foundation of the ancient temple there was nothing left. But then, during the earthquake collapsed the walls of some churches. And behind them were found surviving walls of temples of the Sun, Moon and Lightning. Now they are open and laid up and can be seen.

In the center of the church yard - the sacred stone. The Incas believed that this cup in the morning sun drinks the water. Earlier this cup, too, was covered with gold.

The ancient walls stood in the earthquake that destroyed a new structure of Spaniards, not by accident. The Incas were very skilled builders. Their buildings are highly mathematical precision.

Instead of laying the stones of the old bricks, they are simply plastered and painted. Here the left of the painting, so you can see, looked like "disguised" the wall at the time of the conquistadors.

Resolution of the City Hall, all the houses in Cusco must be covered with tiles!

Night in Cusco is very comfortable. Here you can calmly walk the streets at night.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The most mountainous capital of the world...

The most beautiful place in La Paz - Murillo is the area with beautifully restored buildings of the Parliament and the cathedral, wearing the same name as the city - Nuestra Senora de la Paz. Yes, the full name of La Paz it is in Latin America so much revered Mother of God, that many cities are named in her honor.

In the square ​​Murillo. The Parliament of Bolivia

The second central square in the city - square at the the Cathedral of San Francisco. From here just leaves Sagarnaga Street, where most souvenir shops.

The central street - Avenida Montes, turning into Perez Velasco

Central Street - Avenida  Perez Velasco.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The southernmost city in the world...

Ushuaia - is the southernmost city. To the south there are a couple of towns in Chile, but not cities. The city itself is living the South Pole. It is from this city of more than 80% sail cruises to Antarctica.

The symbols of the city are the Beaver and the Penguin.

South Nature. The city itself is located on the hills and when driving are the main streets that run up the hill.

On one side of the bay.

On the other side there are mountains.

One of the aircraft departing to the North Pole.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Mar del Plata - a beach resort on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. This is a very charming green city with lots of luxury villas and a popular holiday destination Argentines. It is also one of the most important fishing ports of the country. The holiday season lasts from December to February. In Mar del Plata is interesting to walk along the harbor, visit the Marine Park Aquarium, where you can watch an exciting show with sea lions, dolphins and sharks, water park - Akvasol with water rides and a mini-zoo with various animals. You can also see the acrobatic performances of athletes in the water-skiing and much more.

Among the most common entertainment - mountain biking, the conquest of picturesque rocks piled up in the Sierra de los Padres (270 meters above sea level), wind-surfing: the waves off the coast of Mar del Plata, sometimes reaching 3 meters in height - and golf . The resort has four golf club and five golf courses of international level overlooking the green expanse of the Argentine plains or the sea.

Another popular Argentine beach resort - Miramar. It is located in the temperate zone, so there is not too hot. In January daytime temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, and water temperature does not exceed 22 degrees. It is located 137 km south of Mar del Plata. It is popular mainly among the local residents, because there is no such a fuss, in a crowded recreation areas. At Miramar offers travelers the full range of amenities, and simple relaxation on sandy beaches and boating and fishing, surfing, golf. Here you will find a lively nightlife and countless restaurants.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Statue of Liberty - the symbol of freedom and democracy...

Statue of Liberty (English Statue of Liberty, the full name - Liberty, illuminating the world, English. Liberty Enlightening the World) - one of the most famous sculptures in the United States and the world, often called "the symbol of New York and the U.S.", "symbol of freedom and democracy, "" Lady Liberty ". This is a gift of French citizens to the centennial of the American Revolution.

Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island (born Liberty Island), about 3 km south-west of the southern tip of Manhattan, one of the boroughs of New York. Until 1956 the island was called "island Bedlou" (born Bedloe's Island), though popularly called the "island of freedom" since the beginning of XX century.

Goddess of Liberty holds a torch in his right hand and a plate on the left. The inscription on the plate reads "English. JULY IV MDCCLXXVI »(« July 4, 1776 "), date of signing of the Declaration of Independence. One foot "Freedom" is on the broken chains.

Visitors are coming up to 356 steps to the crown of the statue of liberty or 192 steps to the top of the pedestal. In the corona, there are 25 windows, which symbolize the earthly and heavenly gems rays illuminate the world. The seven rays on the crown of the statue symbolize the seven seas and seven continents (the western geographical tradition has it the 7 continents).

The total weight of copper, used for tide statue - 31 ton, and the total weight of its steel structure - 125 tons. The total weight of the cement foundation - 27 thousand tons. The thickness of the copper covering of the statue - 2,37 mm. Height from ground to tip of torch - 93 meters, including base and pedestal. Height of the statue, from the top of the pedestal to the torch - 46 meters.

The statue was constructed of thin sheets of copper, minted in wooden forms. The formed sheets were then mounted on a steel frame. The idea of creating a statue of the centenary of American independence, noted in 1876, attributed to the French writer Edouard de Laboulaye, believing that a prisoner in 1778, the alliance between France and the United States should properly immortalized. Eiffel brilliantly developed the iron skeleton, and Bartholdy "dressed" in his forged copper sheets 3 mm thick, fixed to the frame bolts.

On the ferry going to the Liberty Island, almost always worth all, and even more foremost within the statue, so the elevator can accommodate only a few people (there are stairs). The observation deck at the top of the pedestal is located at a height of 10-storey building, and there could clearly see all the landmarks of the surrounding area. The most energetic and physically fit can climb another 12 floors (168 steps) to the crown, but the torch lifted up to 93 m above sea level, is open to visitors.