Friday, March 19, 2010

Holidays in

Venezuela is a country of exceptional travel opportunities. Here, eyes and soul, tortured by non-black soil landscapes will find something that helps to believe in the possibility of happiness on earth: clean sea, the sky clear, the mountains and the huge number of waterfalls, from the world's tallest to the smallest (almost bedside) fall at every step among indecent lush vegetation.

Venezuela has the rainy seasons. It lasts from May to October, in the rest there is the cloudless sky and a little lower, compared with the rainy period, temperature - an average of 25-30 degrees.

One of the most interesting places - the Orinoco Delta. Giant triangle consists of more than 50 major channels, covers an area roughly equal to Switzerland or the Netherlands.

In the delta grow Rhizophoraceae forest - huge trees, the trunks are entwined with vines and other plants that wish to get closer to the sunlight.

It is possible to travel with canoe alongside the tributaries and take the real Indian guide who will tell about the life of local tribes and will, among other things, how to extract very nutritious worms living in the trunks of palm trees (it is said that they are delicious with coconut milk).

Canaima National Park is located in the North, closer to the border with Brazil. The main attraction of these parts are the mountains with an Indian name "Tepui": steep cliffs over a kilometer in height with almost flat tops. This area is one of the most secluded and pristine natural areas of South America. Each flat top - the plateau is a unique biological island, kept unchanged since prehistoric times the whole ecological complex.

These mountains - the actual prototype of the "Lost World" of Conan Doyle. One of the most famous Tepui - is Mount Auyan with the world's highest waterfall called Angel. This place can not be named trampled, the waterfall was opened only in 1934.

If you wish to see the ocean and secluded islands, it is worth to visit another nature reserve in the archipelago of Los Roques, which is located 80 miles north of Caracas. This is one of the largest national parks in the Caribbean. You may reach it on a catamaran, and then a day sunbathing on the white sand beaches, typical of the Caribbean, scuba dive or observe the life of the local pelicans.

At the end of the journey it is not bad for a couple of days to fly to the island of Margarita and relax in an atmosphere of five star service. The island is a free economic zone, so the good shops and restaurants, casinos and other night spots are abundant here. In the evenings, salsa dancing and drinking the national Venezuelan daiquiri cocktail, invented personally by Hemingway - rum, gin, crushed ice and fresh juice. The writer himself preferred the lime juice.